Artists In Design


This question has long been debated and many in the art world like to keep the two separate. There is no denying however that both art and design are a form of communication. Traditionally art is seen more as the emotional connection being unique and spontaneous and design as the motivational connection to the viewer through a brief. In these modern times the boundaries between the two were never more defined and at the same time are becoming more undefined. Many artists are now designing and many designers are becoming artists. With modern day art forms such as installation and a plethora of new mediums being used, requiring an understanding in both is preferable.

So is there more design in art or more art in design?
Is design more artistic that we imagine and in art is there now more design required?
Ultimately creativity and a communication exists in both.

This exhibition will explore these two areas as the artists explain their beginnings and directions, their inspirations and thoughts.

Margaret River Gallery
Exhibition opens Saturday 14th November 6-8 pm
And continues until Sunday 6th December